This  book presents the Very Best of  ALPHEE LAVOIE’S HORARY WORK

Foreword by Noel Tyl  

This book is a compilation of all of Alphee’s horary articles from his past 6 years of writing his column for Dell Horoscope Magazine. He is an internationally recognized Master Horary Astrologer.

You will be amazed as you easily follow Alphee showing how to unravel each horary chart with tried and true techniques and his own special ones!  You will be awed as he mines the depths of each chart and reveals its secrets!

The information that he reveals in each article is unsurpassed.  Alphee is truly the teacher’s Teacher and a master of this craft.  Whether you are a novice or professional of horary, you will be completely delighted as you watch the “PRO” at work!  This book is a Must for your Astrology library.