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Natal report for Your Name
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Birth chart Profile Report Introduction Welcome to your Birth chart Profile Report! The moment of birth is a unique point in time for each of us. It is our cosmic connection with universal forces. Astrology is a language that helps translate the symbolism of celestial events into a type of understandable psychology. The birth chart is a Blueprint of our consciousness. It is a magical Road Map pointing to potential transformative experiences. There are numerous paths indicated. Some are easy. Others lead to great soul-searching and challenge us to grow. It is our freedom of choice to create options. Astrology is a tool. We carve out our own destiny. The Birth chart Profile Report is loaded with information. Some descriptions will appear to contradict each other. This is confirming that each of us is a complex mixture of different identities and tendencies. Astrology helps clarify these individual dimensions of ourselves. The primary ingredients of the birth chart are the planets, signs and houses. The 10 planets symbolize different ways to direct action. The signs give a coloring or shading to the planets. For instance, the ego needs depicted by a person's Sun sign will manifest quite differently through Aries than the sign Cancer. Fiery Aries is known for being more abrupt and direct. Watery Cancer is usually more reflective and introspective. The 12 houses or pie slices represent different life arenas where our life is acted out. Each house is a territory saturated with valuable clues about our creative energies. The planets can be compared to actors and actresses. The signs are the costumes and makeup adorned by the performers. The houses are more related to Act One, Scene One. They are more similar to the setting. There are no "good" or "bad" charts. We are born with the cosmic situation needed to fulfill our life purposes. Each chart will show certain themes that are easy to master. There are some themes that really require great determination to avoid their seductive traps. The birth chart is a multi-dimensional lens offering suggestions how to redirect negative energies into positive expressions. The report has two sections. Part One is The Passport. It includes the Sun, Moon and Ascendant. These are the first, middle and last names of our astrological identity. The remaining personal planets complete this section: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Part Two is The Journey. It contains the outer planets: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. These three planets point to special themes that can enrich our life greatly. The Nodes of the Moon follow. The nodes are a dynamic polarity indicating paths to fulfillment and in making use of past life energies. The last section of Part Two contains the planetary aspects. These are angular distances between certain planets in your chart that show creative options to challenges. If you are well versed already in exploring astrology, perhaps this report will give a different slant on certain areas. If this is your first investigation of yourself through astrology, don't let it be your last! Enjoy your tour through the Birth chart Profile Report!

Sun in Cancer

Your spirit is fueled by your emotional exchanges with life. Home and family can be heartfelt needs. The keyword phrase for Cancer in traditional astrology is "I feel." Your drive to express your innermost dreams is strong. Privacy can be highly valued. You need some moments alone to recharge your battery. You are likely territorial in defining your own living space. A shadow of watery Cancer is emotional fear. Another is unclear dependency needs. Master each of these tendencies and life will seem more rewarding. Self-honesty goes far in keeping you on the right path. Relationships test your emotional nature. Balancing your dependency needs keeps your partnerships stable. Loved ones will rely on your nurturing tendencies and caring. Getting the closeness and distance you need could be important. Feeling secure with others is essential. In business you can have an intuitive way of making the right decisions. Your ability to make others "feel at home" makes people want to trust you. Starting a business or special projects could be especially rewarding. A spiritual test is not digging up the seed before it has a chance to grow. Try not to second guess your abilities or opportunities in life. Allow yourself to remain open to new learning. Feel. Taste the many experiences that hide behind the doors of your subconscious mind. Transcending old fears is liberating. Your allies are the power to make your fears turn into strengths and the capacity to forgive the past.

Sun in 8th house

Your Sun lighting up the 8th house points to expressing yourself through creative intensity. You may possess a fine business savvy. Management comes naturally. Financial aspirations can be well planned. Metaphysics and psychology can be interests. The mysteries of life might be intriguing. The process of birth-death-rebirth calls to your consciousness. An interest in exploring sexual energy may come early in life. Life after death experiences can be of interest. A joy in bonding sexually to others is possible. The Sun in this house challenges you to channel your emotional energies constructively. Avoiding power struggles is wise. It is important to not give your power away too easily. Your most trusted allies mean a lot to you. Emotional energies are deep. Partnerships could be empowering. Facing your own inner shadows strengthens you. Working through problems with others ensures stability in relationships. Forgive. Let go. Don't hide your feelings. Your creative energies seek passionate release in this emotionally probing territory. You can go through intense moods and psychological upheavals during the creative process. You will likely go through several psychological metamorphoses in your life. Contemplation and introspection are instincts.

Moon in Pisces

Your inner world is a dreamy and impressionable landscape. Intuition and emotional sensitivity are primary instincts. You have a tendency to become more intimate with people and life pursuits that capture your imagination. Your drive for perfection could be intense. Aesthetic talents can be enjoyed. Transcendental experiences can be exciting. Spiritual values can be important to you. The healing arts can be practiced. Alternative healing methods may be of interest. A test is not denying the reality of situations. Another is unclear dependency needs. Faith in self or a higher power helps bring balance into your life. Your ideals may need to be adjusted to better fit your needs in the present. In relationships you are a natural romantic. You probably are comfortable with people able to tune into your feelings. Having a similar cause or mission in life may deepen your bond with friends or lovers. Some reality testing in relationships could be an important lesson. You enjoy closeness. Maintain your boundaries in relating to others. You enjoy a home or family setting that is emotionally comforting and refreshing to your spirit. Escape from the demands of the world recharges your psyche. You can appreciate a city or community that is in harmony with your highest values. Your geographical location needs to feed your inner being with faith and the spiritual perseverance to reach your most sincere dreams.

Moon in 4th house

The Moon glowing in your 4th house symbolizes you seek comfort through establishing emotional security. You can be difficult to get to know. Privacy needs are a strong instinct. You can be nurturing for lovers, family members or friends in troubled waters. Pets and plants could feel like part of the family. Hiding your feelings or a fear of closeness might alienate people. Balancing dependency needs makes all relationships flow better. Periods of solitude may be grounding and strengthening. You could develop a great healing power. Tuning into your subconscious energies can free you from a limiting past. The forces of life may feel as though they protect you. Your home and community may need to provide an atmosphere of support and safety. Live in a location that fosters a sense of emotional closeness to others and puts you in touch with your innermost yearning for personal growth.

Mercury in Cancer

Your perceptions are emotional in nature. You enjoy the thoughts of your closest allies and partners. You seek a home and family that confirm your thought processes. People can find your insights comforting. Communication is your way of sensing the mood of others. Finding reliable support systems is a key. Your psyche is very rooted to your innermost dreams. Hiding your greatest ideas could cause missed opportunities. Don't give advice to undeserving people. Building something with a friend or loved one is highly valued. You can get mentally tough when your security is threatened. Expressing emotions is good for your mental health. The trends of other cultures might be of interest. The beginnings of societies and civilizations can capture your attention. Watching a child, plant or area of interest blossom in growth is particularly rewarding. A work atmosphere that is team or family-oriented is satisfying. Utilizing the resources of a company or community is a possible talent. You can be perceived as caring by those you work with and by the people you serve.

Mercury in 8th house

Your thought processes lead you in search of empowering ideas. You are attracted to emotionally challenging people and life circumstances. Trust is sacred to you. You can form deep psychological bonds to a close partner. It might be difficult for others to feel as though they truly know you. Showing some vulnerability to those you love brings them closer. You are excellent in running a business or in managing people. There is a shrewd business side to you. Investing money could be a talent. Budgeting your money is a capability. People respecting your financial opinions win your admiration. Metaphysical understanding and interests could be intense. Psychology and going beneath the surface of situations turns on your intellect. You probably feel free to talk about subjects that are embarrassing or uncomfortable for others. You might be perceived as passionate and mentally captivating. Your words can shred the self-confidence of your adversaries. Your mental powers are deepened in responding to major life transitions. You are in the habit of digesting major life changes slowly. Communicating your deepest insights and feelings is confirming. Let others hear your most soul felt reasoning powers. Self-mastery comes through not giving into compulsive fears and shadows.

Venus in Leo

You are attracted to people that are wealthy in material and emotional resources. Partners and peers enjoy your humor. Individuals who know how to make things happen get your attention. You may be seen as dramatic. Your enthusiasm motivates the creative urges in others. Finding a romantic partner is an innate drive. It is important to own possessions that make you feel proud and very much alive. The giving and receiving of gifts is enjoyable. Generous individuals win your trust and respect. Tension can result due to the clash of wills. Some flexibility on both sides will be required. Don't be too sensitive over a bruised ego. You will not always get the attention you want. Your desire to be loved and appreciated cannot be compromised. You are lively and high spirited when working. You probably don't tire easily. Your cheering others on makes them more capable of great accomplishments. People showing admiration and belief in your ability are good for your self- confidence.

Venus in 9th house

People may find you adventurous. You enjoy being in expansive learning situations. Chasing after new truths feeds your soul. You can be a student, teacher and philosopher all at once! You can find harmony through travel and encountering exciting people. You get irritated by confining routines. You like people able to move quickly from one concept to another. You find that envisioning the future is just as important as living it. Romantic ideals inspire you. People with a dream get your attention. You don't ever want to grow old in your thinking. You can be persuasive when really believing in your ideas. Be careful to not get pulled into too many directions at once. Concentrate. Educate. Be open to opposing viewpoints. You need not completely agree. Listen. Exchange ideas.

Mars in Taurus

The warrior planet placed in this sign points to initiating comfort and beauty-oriented actions. You are willing to work hard to get what you desire. Financial gain could be a motivating force. Ownership gives you a sense of wealth. You will fight to defend your values. Don't be afraid to admit you are wrong. You might be a catalyst in getting others to seek greater abundance. You hate to be rushed or coerced into making decisions. Peaceful situations are preferable to stressful ones. You like to know that you are self-sufficient. You have an ability to ferociously show a talent in business. Finding the patience to build a career will be rewarding. Don't be reluctant to try your hand at a different profession if your spirit moves you.

Mars in 6th house

You can be spontaneous in jumping into work. Routines do not impress you. Harnessing restless energies into productive experiences is challenging. You are capable of great things when you find interests that truly capture your attention. Take the time to be good to your body. Exercise is good for your nervous system. You may find that vitamin and mineral supplements add vitality to your daily life. Pay attention to details. Become as good a finisher as starter and people will like you. Mastering new skills increases your self-confidence. Believe in your competitive ability. Work that allows you to move from one project to another might be enjoyable. Fixing problem situations can be satisfying. Service professions are accentuated.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

This expansive planet placed in this sign shows you enjoy travel on the mental and physical planes. Your love of learning is evident. Sharing knowledge with others is a natural drive. Humor is a great ally. Your philosophy about life is apt to be broad and eclectic. You enjoy helping others make sense of their lives. Your faith in positive outcomes is great. Don't judge others too harshly. Dogmatism and self-righteousness are traps. You do better when not limiting yourself by narrow perspectives. You excel as counselor and teacher. Writing and communication dance freely in your consciousness. Your self- confidence and inspiring effort attract lucky situations.

Jupiter in 1st house

You seek growth and opportunity through spontaneous adventure. People might perceive you as flowing and self-confident. Travel lifts you out of bad and sad moods. You possess a gift in being able to inspire others. You can be assertive in expressing your life philosophy and beliefs. Law and legal issues may be important to you. Personal freedom is essential. You don't like being told your dreams are impossible. Overconfidence could lead to embarrassing situations. Be careful what you promise. Stay open to different paths to truth. Your faith can move mountains. Advising and consulting are natural abilities. People may find your humor delightful. Teaching and sharing knowledge broaden your perspective.

Saturn in Leo

The Cosmic Chiropractor in this sign challenges you to confidently define your creative aspirations. Learn discipline. You have great staying power when you are proud of your work. Ambition is born out of your self-confidence and need to express emotional warmth. Solitude recharges your will power. You desire an audience. Time alone needs to be short and productive. Remember to not compulsively seek attention. Stay clear of ego wars. You are a dynamo regarding work. A job that tests your psychological and physical endurance is good for you. Successes and failures are both apt to occur. It is better for you to take a calculated risk than not to try at all. Why? Because you will always regret not having taken the chance. You make a self-confident supervisor. People in power may either admire or fear you. Children respect your commitment to excellence. Try not to expect others to do things the way you do. Your ego will get bruised by opposing forces. Keep going. Learn from your mistakes. Incorporate lessons from the past into the creative passion of today and tomorrow.

Saturn in 9th house

The Cosmic Chiropractor in this house asks you to make your ideas and philosophy practical. Dream. But do move. Imagine. Don't draw your conclusions without a fair consideration of the facts. Yesterday's truth may not hold water in the present. Society's lessons and dealing with authority figures may require some of your most flexible redefining. Your work may involve travel on the mental and physical planes. Discipline gets you focused. Falling in love with an area of expertise fires up your learning potential. Teaching and consulting could be key components of your job. A belief in lack will not take you far. Unrealistic beliefs don't work either. Be realistic and yet make sure the fires of your enthusiasm are able to translate life into opportunity.

Uranus in Pisces

Your inventiveness Is linked to your intuition and can inspire imagination in others. Your ability to express yourself through the arts might be unique. Mystical and metaphysical interests are strong. Spirituality is apt to be individualistic. Choose your causes and friends wisely. Don't be lead astray by flowery promises or unrealistic claims. Be realistic in planning for the future. Your faith lifts you to new heights.

Uranus in 4th house

Your unique ways of establishing a sense of "rootedness" and home are evident. You seek to know yourself deeply. Knowing how to establish closeness with others is a learning process and requires patience. You tend to rebel against people perceived as controlling. Your home and community must allow you to feel free. Tension in your private life is hard on your nerves. Your nurturing instincts support others to be individualistic. You make a great friend for children as much as a parent. Pets make great companions.

Neptune in Aquarius

Your idealism leads you to find goals that capture the essence of your imagination. Remaining true to your individualistic beliefs, and a vision that breathes life into today's challenges, points the way to transcendental experiences. Your romantic relationships are enhanced by acknowledging the unique insights and spiritual energies inherent in each other's worlds. You need to believe in the future. A test is to keep your emotions and intellect working in harmony. You might become a symbol of a dedication to freedom and inventiveness.

Neptune in 3rd house

Your ideals and imagination heavily influence your perceptions. It is tempting to be a watcher of life. Be sure to communicate rather than assume others can read your mind. Aesthetic subjects inspire you to grow. People may find your words soothing. Your healing energy manifests through writing and speaking. An ability to interpret symbolic languages is possible. You may have a special way of reframing a person's life experiences so that they are understandable. Meditation and other right brain activities are good for your mind and body.

Pluto in Sagittarius

Your psychological intensity is enlivened through travel and intense self-discovery. Teaching and consulting offer passionate ways to share knowledge. You are easily bored by trite information. The bigger picture of life is more on your mind. Foreign cultures capture your imagination. It makes you feel free to explore territories beyond your everyday thoughts. Going beyond your own concepts to see things from a different perspective fills you with growth. A test is not getting dogmatically locked to your own ideas. Your key partnerships may empower you with positive energy. You might become a symbol of a passionate quest for self- actualization.

Pluto in 2nd house

You attain renewed purpose and authenticity through your values. Financial and emotional stability is important. Your self-esteem is powerfully connected to your way of earning a living. It is vital that you think abundantly about life. Creating a reliable means to support yourself is confirming. You like people able to share on the emotional and material levels. There is no need to covet what others own. Patiently building a career or business will prove rewarding. You find rebirth through adjusting to the reality of the present and a tenacious desire to find rewarding partnerships.

Asc in Scorpio

You personify the metaphysician and detective. People could perceive you as private and difficult to get to know. Introspection. It entices you to feel and think deeply about life. Mystical energies and forces may make themselves known to you. You probably have an interest in mystery and intrigue. Probing beneath the surface of life is always tempting. A shadow is a compulsive addiction to experiences that confuse your sense of personal power. Redirecting your energies into more positive paths is liberating. People may feel to discuss subjects and secrets with you that few others will ever hear. Your passion for life is strong. You are emotionally intense but may reveal this to a chosen few. Trust might not come easily. You are capable of forming deep psychological bonds with those you love. Forgiveness of yourself and close partners is a key ally. You enjoy researching your favorite subjects.

North Node in Pisces

The current incarnation is a road map filled with intuitive paths. A search for inspiring symbols is a key to your happiness. You seek ways to express your idealism. Spiritual values mean a lot to you. Blind faith will get you into trouble. Carefully define your commitments. Guilt could get you to say yes when you mean no. Your devotion to personal beliefs is great. Faith is a key ally. Transcendental experiences make life interesting. Shared values with others brings you closer in mutual understanding. You have high standards for perfection. Learn to accept life's reality. You are sensitive to the suffering of others. You may pursue work connected to aesthetic expressions or the helping professions. Creating beauty is an innate drive. Being near serene nature scenes brings you peace.

North Node in 4th house

You were anxious to enter this life to find meaningful roots. Creating a home and a feeling of inner security are highlighted. People likely find you nurturing. Knowing your closest allies on a deep psychological level is a tendency. Pets and plants make good company. Watching children and your cherished ambitions grow is satisfying. You don't like wasteful individuals or institutions. Your input could be influential in a community or organization. Your home can bring people together with diverse perspectives. Don't be a hermit. Some time alone revitalizes your spirit. Living in a location that feels safe may be preferred.

South Node in Virgo

You have a past life history rich in commerce and health related fields. Perfecting your skills is not new to you. Do you sometimes feel compulsively worried about making a mistake? Driven to perfectionism? If the answer is yes, you are probably responding to the subconscious pull of this powerful chart theme. You like hard-working people. The public can perceive your thoroughness in serving them. Efficiency means a lot to you. Worry. It's a potential problem. You are sensitive about being criticized. Dead-end jobs and unfulfilling relationships need to be avoided. You have a legacy in being an organizer and with a deep knowledge of healing remedies.

South Node in 10th house

An important second piece of your past life story! You have a history of being in the public spotlight. Finding a meaningful career or societal role is clear. You are serious in being successful. People either seem to like or dislike you immediately. You may attract jealousy and competition. Know the people you can trust. You need to feel needed by an organization or family members. Be sure to delegate responsibility when appropriate. A failure or delay in realizing your ambitions teaches you patience. Endurance. It comes with perseverance. Leadership roles suit your love of management. You like feeling in control. Flow with change. Let others share in major decisions. You might not work well for others. You like being your own boss. Treat those you love with respect. It bothers you to have your opinions discounted. You have a tenacious spirit.

Sun 120 Moon

Hobbies and recreation relax your psyche. Your home offers sanctuary from a world of responsibilities. Be careful in growing nostalgic for an unfulfilling past. Live in the present and do hold onto the good memories. Being with those you love makes you feel useful and secure.

Sun 120 Uranus

You can appreciate unique thinking. Your mental objectivity is highlighted. Seeing the whole picture is possible with this particular planetary combination. Try to express emotions as much as intellect. You could get passive in pursuing goals. People may find you wonderfully confirming of their creative energies. The future is a true ally.

Sun 120 Asc

Your identity and creative expression are in harmony. You believe in yourself. People may find your self-confidence stimulating. You dislike being pressured. A lack of self-motivation can be perplexing. A feeling of growth and personal fulfillment lifts your spirits.

Moon 0 Uranus

Your emotional energies can change abruptly. People may find you spontaneous. Establishing closeness and distance in relationships takes practice. Your home might be unconventional. Experimental people interest you. Groups that have a unique message get your attention. Your childhood years could have been unusual. Overly intellectualizing your feelings keeps people from truly knowing you. Make sure you rebel with a purpose. Equality in relationships is important. You might not like others to overly depend on you. Individualistic instincts are strong. Supportive friendships are highly valued. You need to live in a very progressive locality.

Mercury 180 Pluto

Your closest partnerships stimulate your mental intensity. You don't like being misunderstood. Establishing empowering allies is a key to your financial and emotional success. Trust is required in order for you to communicate openly. Your perceptions into the motives of others is extraordinary. There is no need to manipulate situations. Talk directly. Do try to see opposing points of view. Criticism can cause your relationships to deteriorate. Being able to forgive allows your partnerships to grow. The ending of a relationship or career is a powerful experience causing you to release emotional intensity. Studying your favorite subjects brings out your passion for life. There are few subjects that you probably consider off limits to discuss.

Mercury 60 MC

You like work that exercises your communication skills. Making concepts more workable and understandable for practical use is a talent. Your objectivity in dealing with tense situations is likely excellent. Expectations of authority figures can make you nervous. Trying to digest to many details clouds your reasoning ability. As a leader you can win the trust of those working under you.

Venus 0 Saturn

You take commitments seriously. People probably consider you a hard worker. Trust is a key issue in relationships. You tend to make better relationship choices as you grow older. Sadness and depression may result from the loss of a partnership. You could enjoy the company of a person for many years. Learn from the past but don't let it make you afraid to move ahead. Fear of rejection makes you shyer and more reclusive. Working in government or politics suits you. Management opportunities could prove rewarding. You are concerned about being known as reputable and successful. Business experience teaches you much about life. You have a natural understanding of the economy. Long-term investments can become fruitful. You have a deep desire to see a job through to the end. Be flexible. Show feelings. Find ways to relax. Solitude can be refreshing.

Venus 180 Neptune

You are a true romantic. Your partners are apt to be sensitive and creative. Relationships are inspiring. Your shared values with others can be a source of unity. Don't let your idealism lead you to believe in the wrong people. Keep your expectations of self and others reasonable. There are no perfect people! You are intuitive. Remember to communicate. Extreme passivity or denial can cause confusion in your relationships. You cannot save others from facing their personal problems. Creating romantic atmospheres with a partner is enjoyable. Your connection to a higher power and mystical forces is probably strong. Your compassion for others is evident. Healing arts, social work and medicine might be of interest. Your friends and lovers may have similar aesthetic tastes.

Venus 120 Pluto

You have a powerful command over your emotions. It is easy to get the support you need for important life pursuits. Your passion for life is contagious. Your closest peers and lovers are moved by your zest to live life to its fullest. You could grow too demanding of attention. Allow others to have their own opinions and their will be more harmony. Feeling a sense of abundance comes naturally.

Venus 0 MC

You can work well with the public. Management positions and working with money are highlighted. You can be good at budgeting. Aesthetic professions are possible. Staying calm in the midst of turmoil is a possible talent. People in leadership positions appreciate your willingness to be a team player. You are generally liked when in a supervisor position. Don't live in indecision or in trying too please everybody! You do better when weighing the options and then moving forward. There is no need to look back.

Saturn 180 Neptune

Define your relationships clearly. Vague commitments might grow frustrating. You like partners just as dedicated to their work as you are. Know your boundaries in partnerships. Guilt and feeling too responsible for others is a trap. Some reality-testing regarding romantic liaisons is probably necessary. Your work can become famous and receive public recognition. Living up to the image that people have of you may not be easy. Don't deny your problems. Relationship issues need to be faced. Your dedication to a profession or cause is inspiring.

Saturn 90 Asc

You are ambitious in being recognized for your ability. People might like your way of acting responsibly in difficult situations. Be careful in trying to tell others what to do. They may accuse you of being bossy. Don't let a slow road to success cause you to give up too early. Perseverance may be needed to be successful. Finding the right career situation is challenging. Working for someone else may not feel right. You like being in control of major decisions.

Saturn 0 MC

Your believe in working hard! Public recognition is very possible. People trust your expertise and ability. Management positions suit you. Do your best to avoid power struggles. Redefining your most serious ambitions will occur more than once! Your commitment to success wins the respect of your friends and opponents. Know when to stop working. Societal expectations can play too big a part in your life. Fear of success or failure may derail your opportunities. Delegate responsibility to lighten your load. Make time for those you love. A strong allegiance to an organization or community could occur. Serious and sustained drives to the top of a profession or company are indicated.

Uranus 120 Asc

You like people open to different perspectives. Your mind enjoys brainstorming about the future. Teaching others can be exhilarating. Learning new ways to solve old problems is stimulating. Thinking can outweigh actions causing missed opportunities. Ideas that are on the cutting edge bring out your spirit of inventiveness.

Neptune 90 Asc

You may feel driven to pursue your greatest dreams. A too passive nature might hide your talents. Being too dependent on others for fulfillment is disorienting. A great love for art and music is possible. Know your boundaries in relating to others. Helping and serving people makes you feel good. Social work and medicine could be of interest. Exploring your innermost worlds is likely. Emotional confusion makes you uneasy. Perfectionism can keep your from moving ahead. Having faith in yourself makes your life journey more enjoyable.

Pluto 120 MC

You can display a consistent pace in getting a job done. Your self-confidence attracts support for your ideas. Don't get carried away by trying to impress others. Take small step