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This  book presents the Very Best of  ALPHEE LAVOIE’S HORARY WORK

Foreword by Noel Tyl  

This book is a compilation of all of Alphee’s horary articles from his past 6 years of writing his column for Dell Horoscope Magazine. He is an internationally recognized Master Horary Astrologer.

You will be amazed as you easily follow Alphee showing how to unravel each horary chart with tried and true techniques and his own special ones!  You will be awed as he mines the depths of each chart and reveals its secrets!

The information that he reveals in each article is unsurpassed.  Alphee is truly the teacher’s Teacher and a master of this craft.  Whether you are a novice or professional of horary, you will be completely delighted as you watch the “PRO” at work!  This book is a Must for your Astrology library.

copyright 2002

Price $16.99  + s/h

Dell Horoscope review February 2003 – “…making this book an excellent, primary source for how to interpret horary charts.” Chris Lorenz

NCGR Memberletter review  – “I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone interested in horary who hasn’t already seen these articles in Horoscope.  And even for those who have read some of these before, it’s nice to have them all in one place.  If you are learning or teaching horary, this book is worth a place on your bookshelves.” Donna VanToen





Forward by Rob Hand

This is Alphee’s second horary book and book stores can’t keep it on the shelves!!  This is the practical, definitive text to finding lost articles through horary techniques.  In this informative how-to-do book, Alphee, the Master of the Art of Horary, will teach you:

* The rules of horary as applied to lost articles

*  How to apply these rules through actual step by step, in depth chart delineations.

*  How to find missing items for complicated situations, i.e., step-daughter’s mother’s friend’s ring.

* How to calculate timing, direction and distance for recovery

“No other text on horary to my knowledge has concentrated on this most difficult type of horary question.  This may be something of a first in horary literature.  And it is rendered by a master of the subject.” ROB  HAND
“I’ve been deeply involved in astrology for many years, and yet Alphee Lavoie still manages to maze me with the accuracy of his work.  I’m pleased to see that he’s at last written a book in which he reveals some of the techniques behind his astonishing skills,”  STEVE  FORREST

 copyright 1995                                                    Price  $15.99 + s/h




This book is Alphee’s first horary book and is an outstanding volume, transcribed from the tapes of his Thursday night classes on Horary.  The focus is using horary and applying it to types of  questions that emerge in a counseling session. Horary Lectures offers in sight and techniques that will be found in no other book as they come from Alphee’s 34 years of experience and discoveries about what truly works in horary and what does not!   The book contains two horary chart examples, one of which will answer 9 different horary questions using the same chart!  This book is a Must for your Bookshelf!

“I like a book that reads the way a person talks.  With Lavoie there is no beating around the bush.  He gets straight to work telling you things you’ve always wanted to know about horary.  Lavoie’s down-home common sense approach comes from his 34 years of full-time horary counseling.  He has moved beyond his teacher, Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson’s teaching through his own experiences.  She would be pleased.  This book was much too short.”

Merilyn Artman-Zaitoon, Mountain Astrologer Magazine, 1991

Price $15.99 +s/h



This new and exciting book is for absolutely everyone. All of you who seek inner peace and self realization will find answers here. Alphee has discovered a method using a deeper interpretation of astrological aspects to find your own personal inner balance. The second part of the book presents a step by step method of praying the Novena to have your prayers answered.  Inspiring and insightful, this book is a leader in the field of self-actualization. Alphee gives you all the tools you need to manifest your deepest desires – all you need to do is implement them!

From neophyte to master, this book cannot but help open the reader to a new level of self-realization!   Sr.

Paula Matthew, Sisters of St. Joseph

Price $14.99 +s/h


Alphee’s Horary Astrology,  The Master’s Work

This is Alphee’s newest and latest Horary book. It is a true milestone in Horary Astrology. With over 50 charts delineated this volume of work covers many exciting examples. Watch as you see the simplicity of his approach as he unravels the secrets in the chart.  Alphee has also included a very important section in this book entitled,  ‘Learning the Language of Astrology’. This section teaches you the correct houses to use in order to arrive at the correct answer. He gives examples for what is ruled by each of the 12 houses.  He then goes on to instruct you in the important topic of timing and other salient points. This book is perfect for the astrologer who is smitten with the magic of the art of Horary!

Price $19.99 +s/h