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StarTrax Millennium 7.2

NEW UPDATE MAY 2018 (Click New Features)

There are more features in this program than any other available astrological program available on the market today. Many of the features are only found in our Millennium Star Trax, which features time tunnel, rectification, drop and drag, double-click feature, dynamic astrology, astronomy module, fast election, and stelliums. Just our Rectification module alone is worth the price of the program. Other astrological software has a rectification assistant to recalculates the angles… but to what and why is the only  question! In order to rectify a chart you must have actual event data with which to work. Our program works with event data to arrive at a correct rectified chart!

Professional astrologers rave about our Star Trax Millennium. They are astounded by its power, speed and ease of use. Watch some of the videos and see for yourself what professional astrologers are raving about.

Father Time Electional 

Get the edge with the perfect timing tool!
Father Time has three artificial intelligences to arrive at the best Electional chart for any event. Give me five minutes with Father Time and I’ll give an astrologer 4 hours to come up with a good electional chart. I know I will come out with a better electional with Father Time…!

Nostradamus Horary 

This is a complete horary program with artificial intelligence and it understands English! Just type in the horary question as if you were asking Alphee, and Nostradamus will use all the horary rules, give delineations and a resultant answer.
It is like having Alphee right by your side, answering your important questions!

Right Decision

I use this program many times a day. My clients often ask me to tell them the best day to take action on an activity, such as making an important phone call or going for an interview. With The Right Decision all you do is open the client’s chart, type in ‘I want to make a phone call’ and click the Calculate button. The program’s incredible artificial intelligence examines the clients chart for each day to find the best day to make the call. But the program goes far beyond just that…. it even finds the best time of that day to make the phone call! And it does it in minutes and even seconds! Try doing that with a regular astrology program! You are looking at hours of work not minutes or seconds.



This program is truly a God send! If you’ve attempted or completed chart rectifications then you know what an arduous chore it can be. With our Rectification Program not only is the task easier but you’ll spend less time to come up with a correctly timed chart. We know that to rectify a chart the life events have to be associated with the angles. If you are rectifying a chart without a known birth time or the time is within just a few hours you definitely want this program in your Astrology Toolbox!

Rectification Zero-In

This program is designed to literally zero in on an exact birth time within seconds of accuracy. It is a fabulous tool for a chart that has a birth time within an hour or so. Fast, Fabulous, Easy to use! Just pop in the natal chart with the approximate birth then load your life events and watch the program go to work.

Fast Research

No need to be a Ph.D. to do accurate scientific research! Our new Fast Research does all the statistical mathematics in the background for you. It is one of the most powerful astro-research programs available today. You can input hundreds of astrological astronomical criteria and the program will calculate the probabilities and chi-square. Then the module will assign weights for the strength of each criterion and from that create a model to compare it with other chart files. There is no program on this planet earth that does this….and this is only a fraction of what Fast Research can do.

Astro Mapping

Do believe that if you move under your Jupiter line, you will be extremely fortunate with money and material things? Or maybe by moving under your Venus line you will find love?

I feel that using only one planet at a time in the Astro map is like Sun sign astrology.

For instance, if you were born with Jupiter in a grand cross, would you want to move where Jupiter is on an angle? That would mean that all the planets in that cross would be on angles. We know astrologically that planets sitting on the angles are the strongest. By moving Jupiter on an angle using Astro mapping techniques you would have to live with that grand cross working against you every moment of each day in that locality. THAT’S NOT GOOD! We approach the Astro map concept using the whole chart, not just one line at a time. Check out what we do will be amazed.


SUPERSEARCH by AIR Software is so complete that there is nothing to compare it with and nothing else even comes close. That’s why we call it SUPERSEARCH Software.

With this program you are able to search for hundreds of astrological /astronomical criteria or techniques in seconds. Your search can be a simple find when Jupiter squares Uranus. Or it can be as complex as you want. For example, you may want to know when Mercury reaches its maximum speed and squares the Moon or squares Mars in the sign of Cancer, and when Mars is retrograde. You can set up to for search this and that or this or that, or these but not that. You can search for Uranus square Pluto for 1000 years in 13 seconds.


Gambling by the Stars

This software works with AIR’s famous Artificial Intelligence to find the best days and times to begin gambling and shows how long the window of opportunity is open! Gambling with the Stars is Just Amazing! Whether it’s poker, slots, or casino games this program will give you the edge for winning!

Astro Diary

This program allows you to keep a daily diary of all the events that you choose. Within a few weeks you will have enough information for the artificial intelligence to take over and tell you when in the future the same energies (events) are expected to occur. Put away the crystal ball and get your own Astro Diary Program! Many owners monitor their blood pressure or sugar levels to know when to expect changes. Use it to predict your next times for career success, romance, or possible accidents.


The Roadmap Report Writer


The program comes with three different reports. Natal reports, Transits reports, and Progressed reports! Each report is complete by itself!

The Natal Report includes a full introduction, Planets, Houses, Signs, Aspects, Nodes and Angles.

The Transits Report covers all the transits with dates of occurrence for the time span that you select.

The full Progression Report gives all the planetary progressions and ingresses into signs and houses. Run it for 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 3 years or for a lifetime.

FREE! Updated AstroClock Program

Instructions to download the free AstroClock Software

Click here to download the AstroClock Software

Great for horary.
Updated 08,26,2015 with many NEW features.
It runs in the background. At any time you can click on it and a chart wheel for the moment appears on screen. You may also send it down t the tray and bring it up again at any time.
Set the program to your locality. It uses the computer’s clock to set up the chart. T.he AstroClock does all kinds of nice things like ingresses, change of direction, transits and more. It comes with a video to teach you how setup and run the program.

path to god0003

Four Paths to God Calculating Program

This software will calculate your 4 Paths to God number as described in my book. This book uses astrology in order to find your special path to God.  This system uses your natal chart in order to find a balance between your inner self and your outer self.

Instructions to download the Four Paths to God program

Click here to download the Four Paths to God calculating program