Horary Certified Course



            ALPHEE’S HORARY CERTIFICATION COURSE consists of over 80 hours of video teaching by Alphee Lavoie. Alphee is a certified astrologer, NCGR Level IV in counseling and rectification. Alphee has been counseling clients with horary astrology since 1962, two decades before horary became popularized.  Dell Horoscope continues to feature his monthly horary column over the past 21 years and he continues to write the column.  He has published three exceptional horary books.  He is a Master Teacher and recognized as the teachers’ teacher.  Alphee’s reputation as the Best Horary Astrologer precedes him. He has been a full-time astrologer for over 55 years and his expertise in horary astrology is established worldwide.

Please note that this course is not online. Instead it will arrive at your doorstep on a jump drive. Every two weeks or so through this summer we will have a ONE HOUR PLUS LIVE CLASS online to answer questions that you might have and offer more videos for your study.

This certification course is self paced and contains 4 modules. Each module will be sent to you on a jump drive.  When you finish the first Module and feel confident that you have a full grasp of the information let us know and we will send you the second module. Let’s say that you study the course for four hours each week. That should probably take you about 20 weeks to complete it which is approximately five months. Upon completion of the course you will be required to pass an exam. Once you’ve done that we will send you a diploma that certifies you as a Horary Astrologer by Alphee Lavoie, the Astrological Institute of Research. The Astrological Institute of Research is a school that Alphee started in September 1977. When you get your certification for this course you should know everything necessary to answer any questions correctly. The course covers rules and principles of horary and gives step by step delineations for 115 different horary questions all presented by Alphee. And because it is on digital video you can go back and re-watch any part of any class that you want to study for review. Alphee’s Air Software company is also including a Free Horary AstroClock Software Program with the Course so you can do an instant horary any time you want. The AstroClock keeps running in the background so you can bring it up at anytime and you are ready to answer a horary question.

The full price for completion of the course for certification is $899. But as an EARLY BIRD SPECIAL if you register before June 7th we will offer a discount of $149 reducing the price to only $750.00.  This great deal won’t last much longer. The doors close on June 7th! So be sure to get in on this great deal now!! After June 7th the Certification Horary Course will be $899.

The course can be paid in installments. At the time of registration you will be billed $250 and the balance can be arranged in installments. Just give us a call to make such an arrangement.

 If you are interested please send an email to Carol at MOONANGEL@COMCAST.NET to sign up.

Thank you for your interest. We are looking forward to seeing you at the Free Class and assisting you in gaining your Certification as a Horary Astrologer.

God Bless, Alphee

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